With our high speed redrawing capabilities and experienced employees, we are able to produce a high quality tubular product at a cost-effective price that is delivered to you on-time.It is the combination of our high-speed redrawing capabilities and on-time deliveries that makes for a "win-win" situation for our customers.


Our on site engineering staff has the expertise to assist you with all of your tubular projects. They provide design and engineering support for your product or design and engineer the entire project for you. From plumbing to musical instruments to automotive, We can manufacture a tubular part that fits your exact requirements.


Many times we are able to suggest cost-effective options to non-tubular designs, saving you money, tooling cost and lead-time. With our state-of-the-art design equipment and manufacturing expertise, our engineers routinely partner with our customers to assist them in developing the highest quality product at a competitive price.



Our aggressive management team is committed to provide the highest standards of quality tubes & pipes/copper fittings & best services those customers deserves. Let us assure you that we stand ready, willing & able to provide those services needed to be your leading supplier of plain as well as Fin Tubes & Copper Fittings.